Manufacturing and Research

Dehlvi Remedies ®,the formidable brand of Sana herbals Pvt. Ltd, is a GMP certified distinct and reliable option because it has taken a no compromising stand on Quality and Technical Excellence, right from the beginning. The distinction it enjoys because it has the added advantage of renowned Hakims and Vaids who relentlessly try for better preparations and improved efficacy of all the formulations. The high quality Unani and Ayurvedic medicines are manufactured under the license issued by the regulatory authority of the government.

The holistic approach of Unani System of Medicines is the basis of our belief that Dehlvi Remedies ® stand by ie (Nature is our Laboratory) and it can not rest on it success but shall keep on evolving because there would always be a room for improvement. No under decades of sweat and grinding as brought out some of the top quality, well known products. The discerning community of Hakims and Vaids rely on Unani & Ayurvedic medicine systems also rely on Dehlvi Remedies ®,the formidable brand of Sana Herbals Pvt. Ltd, for its Quality which is the direct result of continuous R & D at its own labs.

The most modern and state-of-the-art R & D departments at the new establishments at Bawana, Delhi and Ghaziabad, U.P. would further augment the specialization of pre & post production stringent tests that have been the hallmark of Dehlvi Remedies ® brands since inception.


Research and Development Facility: