From CEO Desk

As health became a major concern in the whole world, importance of Unani system of medicine is emerging as well. Herbalists are gaining popularity in the west. Chinese medicine is proving usability in China and Ayurveda is again supporting health modalities in India. Unani system of medicine has affirmed its strong place and as a privileged part of Indian System of Medicine (ISM), taking India to the world over. Sana Herbals Pvt. Ltd. is a performer and achiever in this domain.

What makes Sana Herbals Pvt. Ltd. a reliable brand in Unani medicine, is that it is a GMP certified manufacturer and it strives for “No Compromise” on quality.

Sana Herbals Pvt Ltd. owns a well-known and most trusted brand, Dehlvi Remedies®️ besides its famous formulations like Agile, Anis Khawateen, Braino, Health Tonic, Liv-on syrup, NoKuf syrup, Raktsafa, etc. Hakims and Vaids recommended our products with full confidence as they know Dehlvi Remedies®️ will never fail them.

The present website offers consumers, business owners and practitioners of Unani medicine, an opportunity to go deep into each and every product and look for the right product and its efficacy. Patients can consult our physicians as well. Though we have tried to make this portal as user friendly as possible but would highly appreciate your suggestions to improve upon as we believe in continuous improvement and up gradation.


Shakeel Jamil
(Managing Director)